Crime Drama Chitram Choodara opts direct OTT Release

Varun Sandesh Crime Drama Chitram Choodara opts direct OTT Release

Telugu actor Varun Sandesh, once a leading hero, is back with a new film titled “Chitram Choodara”. While Varun has been busy playing supporting roles in big-budget movies recently, “Chitram Choodara” marks his return to a lead role.

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The movie will skip the theatrical release and premiere directly on the streaming platform ETV Win on May 9th, 2024. This strategy is becoming increasingly popular in the Indian film industry.

The first-look poster hints at an intriguing crime drama. It features Varun Sandesh alongside actors Dhanraj and Kasi Vishwanath in an intense situation at a police station. Aditi Gautam and Ravi Babu are also confirmed to play important roles in the film.

While the poster sparks curiosity, specific plot details remain under wraps. Stay tuned for further updates about the story and the film’s official trailer.

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